zip-it-pngWant stronger trees? Then ZIP IT!!

Properly supporting your newly planted trees is as important as the way they were planted. Proper tree staking is critical to the long term success of your tree. The old method of pounding in a stake next to the tree and tying directly to the stake is old school. Allowing your trees the flexibility to move in the wind allows them develop a stronger trunk, which keeps them from blowing over in high winds.

Come in and let us show you the Zip It Tree Ties kit. These easy to use tree ties are attractive in the garden as well as they are reusable! Our kit includes two 8’ or 10’ lodge pole stakes plus two 40” Zip It Tree ties and two EZ tie tree holders. Whether you have one, two or 50 trees to stake, Zip It Tree Ties are easy to install, saves labor, no upkeep and are reusable. If you can make a figure 8, you can tie your trees with Zip It Tree Ties!

Best of all…You have a much stronger tree!!


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