Why this turf?

Looking for the most authentic looking synthetic turf on the market today? Professional’s Choice Synthetic Turf is the answer. Our turf is made using the most advanced synthetic fiber technology available. The result? The softest, most flexible and most realistic turf you can buy. Even a lighter colored fiber is woven into the turf to give it the natural thatch look found in real grass. To preserve the rich green color and prevent fading, the best UV stabilizing formula is used in the manufacturing process, too. California is entering another year of little rainfall and the cost of water is skyrocketing. Synthetic turf will help homeowners eliminate the need for water, putting more money in their pockets.  It’s environmentally friendly needing no fertilizers or other chemicals. Plus, it’s made from renewable materials, it is recyclable, it's lead-free and Made in America.


Made In USA
* Did you know that most synthetic/artificial turf is made off shore, which can contain heavy metals and is NOT recyclable?
* Our synthetic turf is Made in the USA and produced under environmental guidelines and is ecologically friendly. Our product is lead free, no heavy metals and is recyclable.


* 8 years. Ask us for more details.



* Softest synthetic turf available
* Best UV stabilizing formula used to control fading
* Only synthetic turf with sturdy 4- layer backing that provides strength, durability and prevents wrinkling
* Reduced water consumption
* Save money by eliminating the cost of fertilizer and weed control
* No sprinkler repair
* No gardener required
* Enjoy more free time!
* Best UV stabilizing formula used to control fading


LEED Compliant
LEED Points for Green Builders and Developers


- Sprinturf® Synthetic Grass™ contributes to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED credits by reducing overall irrigation demand on a property:


WE2.3 – Reduce overall irrigation demand by at least 45% exemplary performance projects can earn ID points for achieving a reduction in estimated outdoor water use of 65% or more. A reduction on 65% or more is awarded 1 ID point; 70% or more is awarded 2 ID points; 75% or more is awarded 3 ID points; 80% or more is awarded 4 ID points. (WE 02-18). These exemplary points can only be awarded under ID credit 3.


When you mention the word synthetic, ecologically friendly isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Can synthetic grass really be ecologically friendly? The answer is YES. And Sprinturf® offers the most economically and ecologically sensible synthetic grass on the market. Our triple-layers backings are formulated using natural, renewable resources that are completely recyclable and will contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED points total.


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