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Village Nurseries strives to provide you with the best products and services you need to have the landscape of your dreams. Village Nurseries would like to provide our valuable customers with a customized referral program. By completing our customer questionnaire we will be able to focus on your area of interest. We have the right contractor for the job!


Village Nurseries is excited about the relationships we are creating with new and long term customers. We hope to be your landscape resource for many years to come.


Benefits of Synthetic Turf:

* Softest synthetic turf available
* Best UV stabilizing formula used to control fading
* Reduced water consumption
* Save money by eliminating the cost of fertilizer and weed control
* No sprinkler repair
* No gardener required
* Enjoy more free time!
* Best UV stabilizing formula used to control fading
* Enjoy a beautiful green lawn all year long!

Professional's Choice
Synthetic Turf
Quick Material and Labor Estimator
Contractor Installed -We have qualified contractors available
Choose type of Grass and
enter Sq. Ft needed
Type of Grass Amount of Product Price per Sq. Ft Line Item Total
Sq. Ft Turf Platinum 80 $4.25
Sq. Ft Turf Pet $3.95
Sq. Ft Turf Merion 70 $3.50
Sq. Ft Turf Turnberry 70 $3.50
Sq. Ft Turf Gold 60 $3.50
Sq. Ft Turf Birkdale 55 $2.99
Sq. Ft Turf St.Andrews 55 $2.99
Sq. Ft Turf Silver 40 $2.65
Sq. Ft Turf Crystal Downs 40 $2.35
Sq. Ft Turf Harbour Town 40 $2.35
Sq. Ft Turf Augusta $4.50
Sq. Ft Turf Ever Putt $3.50
Sq. Ft Turf Spring Putt $3.50
Sq. Ft Turf Pro Putt $2.95
Materials for Installation
Sq. Ft Weed Barrier 900 Sq. Ft per roll $0.11
Cases 60 d Nails 1 case per 500 sq.ft $49.99
Tons Road base/Decomposed granite 1 ton per 100 sq.ft= 3" depth $35.00
50 lb bags Turf in fill green acrylic Sand – 50 lb bag 2 lbs per square foot $13.00
Rolls Turf Seam Tape 6" x50' Depends quantity of seams $34.49
Total Amount:
Estimated Price / Sq. Ft
Demo of existing area Ranges from $2.50 a square foot and up. Depends on amonut of work. For estimate we will use $2.50 a sq. ft $2.50
Lay down of road base Depends on existing area. Price ranges from $1.35 to $2.00 a square foot. For this example we will use $1.50 $1.50
Installation of turf Cost is approximately $2.00 a square foot $2.00
Labor Estimated total
Total Estimate Material and Labor
Estimated Price / Sq. Ft

This is only an estimate to give you an approximate idea of what the cost would be to install on your own. Many factors determine the actual cost. Please call or talk to one of our salespeople to help you determine the actual cost.

Materials Expense

  • Grass Cost - Depends on the type of grass you choose and the shape of the area. The grass comes in 15' widths. It is similar to when you purchase carpet. Quantity depends on the shape and size. The less seams there are, the better.
  • Weed Barrier - Depends on shape of the location and number of rolls needed. Each roll is 900 sq.ft
  • Nails - Should not vary much to estimate.
  • Road Base/Decomposed granite - How much actual base you will need depends on the condition of subsoil and amount of traffic. Every job is different.
  • In Fill - Depends on usage and type of infill you choose. The higher the volume of traffic, more infill is required. Pets require different infill.
  • Many options - Green sand and rubber. Talk to one of our experts to find out more.
  • Seam Tape - Cost should be very close to estimate. Can vary depending on shape of area and how many seams there are.

Prices are estimates and subject to change without notice.


Labor Estimates

Installation of turf varies based on type of turf and how many seams and cuts.


Demo Work - How much demo/clean up work is really big part. Do you have existing lawn? Are you changing the grade of the area? Do you need extra fill? Is there a lot to haul away? Many things affect this part of the work load and bid price.


Road Base or Decomposed Granite - The actual amount of road base or decomposed granite (DG) that you will need depends on the condition of subsoil and amount of traffic. Every job is different.


These are only estimates. Prices might vary due to your specific situation.


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    Village Nurseries strongly advises you to research any company before you sign a contract. Village Nurseries does guarantee any work or advice given by a referred source. The businesses referred are customers of Village Nurseries and are presented to you as part of our goal of exemplary customer service to assist you with your landscape needs. Again, as with any business transaction, we strongly suggest checking references, licensing and worker's comp insurance before signing a contract or starting a project with any landscaper or contractor.

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