Easy to Grow and Dependable

Sounds great, right? Sedum nussbaumerianum (Coppertone Stonecrop) is a very versatile sedum for many reasons. This beauty is stunning when planted with other succulents in a mixed container or in a hanging basket. It also makes an attractive contrasting ground cover when used with other plants.

This variety is native to coastal Mexico. Coppertone Stonecrop is evergreen with a very compact, trailing habit - 8" tall x 2'-3' wide. When exposed to direct sun, the leaves 'tan' to this lovely coppery-orange-gold color that makes it so attractive. With less sun the leaves tend to be more green. Very drought tolerant. Pure white flowers late winter thru spring attract bees and have a soft, slight fragrance. Rumor has it that this sedum is deer-proof.

Surprisingly this coppery-orange is very complimentary to many colors. It is not invasive and works well as an under planting for other low water plants. Explore the possibilities!

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