August 2014 – It Looks So Real

As Californians we are all aware of how precious every drop of water is these days. There are a few simple things we all can do to utilize every drop more efficiently:
- Check your sprinkler system. A broken pipe or sprinkler head can waste a lot of water. Make sure that the yard is being watered - not the sidewalk or street!
- Avoid watering during the hottest time of the day as water evaporates quickly and is not adsorbed by the plants
- 60% of a household's water consumption is used on the landscape. As a long range solution for saving water and money, think about replacing your 'water guzzling green lawn' with synthetic turf. Professional's Choice Synthetic Turf is the softest synthetic turf available today. It 'Looks So Real' is a phrase we hear over and over. Visit any of our three Southern California Landscape Centers for samples and more information.

backyard landscaping

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