Synthetic Turf

Professional’s Choice Synthetic Turf

Wholesale Direct Synthetic Turf. Top Quality Turf. Best Artificial Grass in the Marketplace.

Now Available at Village Nurseries Landscaping Centers.

Looking for the most authentic looking synthetic turf on the market today? Professional’s Choice Synthetic Turf is the answer. Our turf is made using the most advanced synthetic fiber technology available. The result? The softest, most flexible and most realistic turf you can buy. During the manufacturing process a lighter colored fiber is woven into the turf to give it the natural thatch-look found in real grass. California is entering another year of little rainfall and the cost of water is skyrocketing. Synthetic turf allows you to have a ‘green lawn’ while eliminating the need for water, resulting in more money in your pocket!

Full front yard

Why This Synthetic Turf?


It Looks SO Real!

Made in USA
* Did you know that synthetic/artificial turf made off shore may contain heavy metals and is NOT recyclable?
* Our product is Made in the USA and produced under strict environment guidelines. It is LEAD FREE, has NO heavy metals and IS RECYCLABLE


* Softest synthetic turf available making it Look So Real!
* Best UV stabilizing formula used to control fading
* Reduces water consumption
* Saves money by eliminating the cost of fertilizer and weed control
* No sprinkler repair
* No gardener required
* Enjoy more free time

Save Water ~ Save Time

An effective and efficient way to save money and water is to replace your water-guzzling lawn with synthetic turf or grass. Not only is it a hedge against rising water costs, synthetic turf also eliminates the need for fertilizer, weed retardant and other chemical applications associated with a healthy green lawn. And, by removing the upkeep of a lawn, including the expensive gardener, you will bank more spare time and money! A win-win all around.

Available at our four California Landscape Centers:
Orange, Huntington Beach, Sacramento, San Diego

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