Save Water-Stay Green

save water logoGreat News!

With only a fraction of the water once used, plants that were once thought to require tons of water to survive are now growing and thriving with far less. Because of this, our landscapes are able to stay green and continue to flourish despite government mandated water usage limits.

Here is the message: We can Save Water and Stay Green.

The recent drought resulted in many landscapers and homeowners opting to remove their turf and replace it with decomposed granite, crushed rock or bark as a means to use less water. Couple this with a few plants and cacti scattered in and the result is anything but an appealing or inviting landscape.

However, with Village Nurseries vast variety of low water plants, you can maintain a lush green landscape while eliminated the needs for excess water usage. The options are endless at Village Nurseries as over 80% of what we grow are low water requiring plants.

Now is the time to create the landscape you always imagined with our vast selection of drought tolerant plants. The links below will help you to find the right plants for your specific needs. With Village Nurseries, you can Save Water-Stay Green and have the vibrant garden you want.

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