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We've had some great rainfall so far, but not enough to help us out of our drought. As Californians we have been asked to reduce our by water consumption by 20%. The best way to reduce your water usage with an added benefit of lowering your monthly water bill is to reduce or remove your water guzzling lush...
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Easy to Grow and Dependable

Sounds great, right? Sedum nussbaumerianum (Coppertone Stonecrop) is a very versatile sedum for many reasons. This beauty is stunning when planted with other succulents in a mixed container or in a hanging basket. It also makes an attractive contrasting ground cover when used with other plants. This variety is native to coastal Mexico. Coppertone Stonecrop is evergreen...
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October 2014

With a name like 'Little Miss Sunshine' it's got to be cheerful, right! This rockrose has bright yellow variegated foliage with a crisp white bloom late spring-early summer. Like all cistus this variety requires very little water once established. For best results plant during cooler months as they do not want summer water. Rockrose...
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September 2014

An Open House is scheduled at the Irvine Ranch Water District office in Irvine for Saturday October 11th, 10AM to 1PM.  They will be talking about rebates, watering methods and best plants to use in our current drought, plus lots of valuable information. image...
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