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Reach for the top

The “good, better and best” method of product selection, in my experience, has proven a very effective tool for both giving customers choices and closing the sale. As a grower, you may be dividing up your product selection in such a way by distinguishing “value” versus “premium” crops. If you don’t yet provide such upsells in...
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Op-Ed It’s 90 degrees in the shade — have you watered that tree?

article by Carol Bornstein/Los Angeles Times We expect a lot from the trees we've planted in the Los Angeles Basin. They have to tolerate polluted air, excessive heat reflected off buildings and streets, the compacted or depleted soils that are a fixture of urban life, physical damage (trucks, lawn mowers, weed whackers, graffiti) and nature's...
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Why Landscape Architects and Designers are More Important than Ever

By Nicholas J. Staddon Imagine looking out at barren induhtrial and urban landscapes where all you see are buildings, cement and asphalt. Or imagine a newly constructed residential neighborhood consisting only of stucco, sidewalks and roads. Imagine living day after day in such dismal places and how they of affect your mind, your emotions, your...
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A Personal Perspective from the Plantsman, Nicholas Staddon

“What really is the Glue?” … I started my plant career when I was about five. In those days it was being dragged into the garden, helping to weed and being involved in anything that would avoid my sister and me from bickering. Some things never change with children. Today I can’t wait to get...
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